For whom the bell tolls, part 1

Next stop: the cursed village of Caterlaugh

Left without the fabled travelling guide of Leukis or even without a lousy copy of ‘the lonely planet’, Hern and his companions had to gather information themselves. Soon as strange sight was to be seen, as seven adventurers searched each and every corner of the deserted village, digging up anything they could find, each in their own way. “There are two magical aura’s here, apparantly at war with each other” said Aramil “The fountain in the middle of the village has been consecrated to Lathander” said Hern. “This village was a major trading port about a century ago.” said Neriano. “The villagers obviously were killed by undead creatures” said Rhynn. “They resisted the first 9 waves of the attack, but were defeated by the tenth wave” said Ung Ath “I found something mentioning the infamous pirate Black Aldrick” said Sirrush. “I found the bar!” exclaimed Leukis, and off he went.

While Leukis was facing his first encounter with century-old booze, the six others draw their conclusions. It was obvious from the stories they’had heard: every night the village was under assault again. It was time to end this and teach Black Aldrick and his undead minions a lesson!

As Hern and the four others continued to search the village, Rhynn thought about a battle plan. They would attack from the seaside… As most of his companions had powerful area-spells, they would require open space to fight… The village center with its sacred fountain would suffice. But still, it wouldn’t hurt to alter the terrain a little in their favour… The paladin started digging, while the others still were searching the village, digging up someone’s the bones of yet someone else’s grandmother, even balancing on the roofs and forcing locks in the town hall. Rhynn could not help but question his companions’ motives, as he heard their cries echo through the village (“yes! I’ve found a magical item!” “yes, we’ve earned 500 experience points” and so on)

Ung Ath, Sirrush and Neriano helped the paladin finish his work. In front of the town center was now a 10ft-deep pit, and beyond were two crude pallisades. Rhynn had no illusions about his own skills at trapmaking: not a chance some dim-witted enemy would stumble into the pit all by himself. Unless… someone could push them, of course. Yet another use for Rhynn’s often underestimated wizard spell Thunder Wave! It was a pity, he contemplated, some of his allies had such straightforward powers and were as such only able to deal lots of damage. Otherwise, this simple pit could have been the source of many a cunning plan, perhaps more cunning than even the infamous Black Add… er, Aldrick… could device.



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