Forsaken by Fortune

Slowly the two Shadar-kai withches advanced, surrounded by some dark aura, while their Eladrin ally run about wildly. The badly injured Aramil hid behind the walls, while Hern, whose most powerful magic was al but spent, and Rhynn readied themselves for the last battle of the day.

“I can’t say I like this plan much.” Rhynn muttered under his breath

“What plan?” said Hern


The Eladrin Fey Knight was prancing to and fro, as if possessed by some warlock spirit suffering from ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder’. Somewhere along the way, he managed to inflict Rhynn with a strange curse. Before Rhynn could engage the cowardly litter bugger, the two witches were upon him. Aura’s of necrotic damage? Rhynn thought Bring it on! Much to his chagrin, the shadowy bitches did not attack him, but targeted Hern instead with their ever recharging ranged attacks, continuously blinding the poor Heir of Snowdown in the proces. Lady Tymora, Goddess of Luck, was truly puking in Hern’s neck that day, for his attacks were as ineffective as were his defences. The evasive Fey Knight engaged Aramil in the meantime, taking some damage in the process, for Aramil spent many of his area spells on his sole opponent alone. Had the Fey Knight possessed a little more tactical insight, he could easily have cornered the wizard. But now, bad luck did for Aramil what his opponent’s tactical skills could not, and the wizard was forced to flee, spending his last magical resources in the process. Rhynn had had a little more luck hitting his opponents, but for every wound he inflicted upon his opponents, they hit Hern twice. And their powers kept recharging! Damn bitches! Rhynn and Hern had already spent all their healing powers, but poor Hern kept being hit by spells and necrotic aura. At least one of the witches was going down – but, what was that? That damned, thrice accursed Fey Knight somehow absorbed half the damage, and – absurdity of all absurdities, made the other half of the damage just dissappear in thin air!!?? Sorrow’s Harvest? What the Hell? Kill the eladrin bastard, our heroes thought. Unfortunately for Aramil, the enemy thought the same. The wizard went down. Now luck turned even against Rhynn – to his ever growing frustration, his opponents kept overcoming his high defenses. A glorious day this ain’t the paladin thought, as he and Hern went down also.



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