Cowled Wizards

A powerful group of wizards in the service of Amn. Their main job is to find and destroy ‘deviant’ arcane spellcasters, that is: all magic-users but themselves. Most deviant spellcasters are slain on the spot, the others are imprisoned in an ‘Asylum for the magically deviant’.

On Snowdown, all Cowled Wizards wear a small tattoo in the shape of a lightning bolt. No one knows why, or whether it’s true their tattoo shop is run by a sadistic wizard, who sometimes casts his daily power ‘sleep’ on hapless customers, and then tattoes 56 lightning bolts on their faces…

Their strategies are simple, but effective. The cowled wizards take pride in subduing spellcasters with very few means (a whack on the head, a hippogriff…). Thus far, they have shown more cunning and strategy than the average party of adventurers. Whether said party of ‘heroes’ can learn from their mistakes, remains yet to be seen.

Lately, a few weaknesses of the Cowled Wizards have been revealed. Not only do they employ incompetent henchmen, sometimes some of the wizards’ own numbers have shown grave tactical errors. First and foremost, some of the cowled wizards do nothing but firing magic missiles, forgetting a wizard’s main purpose is to use area-spells and control the battlefield. Secondary, they forget to engage and disable enemy spellcasters first. Such groups, it has been rumoured, could be overcome even by the weakest groups of adventurers. Maybe this is all part of the plan of the Cowled Wizards’ mysterious leader, thus giving his enemies false confidence while applying natural selection to his own numbers…

Although the Cowled Wizards are feared in Amn, they are tolerated because the general populace fears rogue wizards and warlocks more.

Cowled Wizards

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